Card Of The Day – Rider Waite Smith “The Tower”

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I found «Rider Waite Smith» tarot deck too dramatic and in times even scary for my daily tarot meditation.

On the other hand it’s this theatricality, this dramatic tone that echoes deep in our subconscious.

Though I believed that I had faced many parts of my inner monstrosity, «The Tower» really had a big psyche effect that I couldn’t really comprehend at first. I wanted to change to Tarot de Marseille, since they were my main reference from the beginning of the Tarot journey. But I decided to stay focused on my decision to work with Rider Waite Smith tarot for a while and for a change.

Indeed “the Tower” is reflecting to personal crisis or even big changes in our lives. But how we are stepping into our daily challenges and how the “tower” meditation can assist us in this inner process is the challenge. Change is not only something that “happened” or “will happen” but how we are adjusting or acting/re-acting. 

The dethroned crown of “the tower” is the ego and is coming down through thunder and flames. The two human figures (one with crown too) are falling into their own abyss, into their darkness and their vanity too. 

Antagonistic madness, distress, anger can be thrown away. Dethroned in this urgent manner and with this theatricality. Blind egos can be eliminated for favouring communication and change to be clear and defying. Even if we are not ready and we have to rethink our own existence, choices or daily acts.