Card Of The Day – Tarot Of Mystical Moments “The Lovers”

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Tarot Of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welzstein is adventurous, beautiful, feminine, surrealistic, poetic tarot.

Her adaptation of “The Lovers” card was quite apocalyptic at a reading for a very close relative. 

The Lovers is not referring to sexual intimacy (only). It goes deeper to our social relations and in the family bonds.

What is amazing in this card was that the “male”, the blue bird has feet of an elderly woman or more conservative woman, taking in consideration the outfit. Thus, when this card surfaced in the reading, we delved in how his mother was still affecting his life. His sex, his creativity, his relationship with his children. He was not standing on his own feet but on “his mother’s”. I could add that he has also serious problem with his knees. 

This beautiful deck is a call to appreciate our feminine power and senses being he, she or they.