Card Of The Day – Tarot De Marseille & Rider Waite Smith Tarot “The Emperor”

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To be honest it was really difficult to comprehend the Emperor’s values for many years. He would always be connected with power abuse and corruption.

I could approach a general idea of the power he represents; the stability and the foundation. But as a “father figure” would cause immediate feelings of frustration, anger and negativity. 

My first Tarot Theater book to be hopefully published in 2023 has the “bombastic” title “The King Is Blind”, where the main focus is the therapeutic effects that come from the “death of the father”. 

But it’s that time that you have to create the “New Father”, your “Cosmic Father”. The father that is essential for giving life.

After that process, I can say with affirmation that I started understanding better the role of the emperor as we have to lead our own life. We have to be decisive. We need stability to support our feminine values, our intuition, even our sensuality. Emperor is also essential to work with in your daily struggles or even professional ethics or even your competitiveness when needed.

I posted two emperors from the “Rider Waite Smith Tarot” and “Tarot De Marseille” as reconstructed by Camoin & Jodorowsky. In Rider Waite Smith tarot, he is clearly seated at the throne and this posture may represent also the anxiety to keep the throne. Like our modern life politicians. But in the Tarot De Marseille we may see him standing. He is not so clearly attached to the throne. He is more in alertness and in my honest opinion this would be more representative for the positive impact of the Emperor card in our daily life and meditations.