Card Of The Day – Tarot De Marseille “The Devil”

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Let’s meditate on the Devil’s card! Can you see him/her/them as a bouffon in his/her/their deformed body with bat’s wings? As an outsider? As an eccentric who mocks any established authority, anything actually that can be mocked? Who actually surfaces in our dreams in order to mock our own conscious functions, reactions, behaviors, our own conscious being. Yes, subconscious can create this kind of mockery, can direct a bouffonesque play and make fun of our everyday behavior. Subconscious is the underdog and is uncontrollable. But when you are in distress without understanding consciously what has caused it, the devil knows because he/she/they face your darkest oppressions, your darkest instincts that you don’t want to realise in your conscious life. What is the best thing you can do when you are so routhlessly mocked by your subouffon? Trust him/her/them!

Second photo is by the Complicite production of “The Three Lives Of Lucie Cabrol”. Photo by Hannes Flaschberger.

Third photo is from Iris Fousteri’s performance “(A)UTOPIA 2.2” that was presented at Fabrica Venue in Athens, where I had the pleasure to create the soundtrack as Rendeece.

Complicite “The Three Lives Of Lucie Cabrol”. Photo by Hannes Flaschberger
Iris Fousteri’s (A)UTOPIA 2.2 | Photo: Dimitris Nikolaou