Card Of The Day – Tarot De Marseille “La Force”

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Too much of the animal distorts the civilised man, too much civilization makes sick animals, “Carl Jung” 

Meditating on “La Force” by the Tarot De Marseille as reconstructed by Camoin & Jodorowsky.

You may ask yourself what is the woman trying to do? Is she trying to close lion’s mouth or open it? 

Strength is emerging when we face these energies, our insticts and not by trying to oppress them. She is opening the path for our unconscious energies.

If you notice the lines in the right corner, twenty totally, is the Strength’s connection with Judgement, the card who completes the decimal cycle in the major arcana. In this way strength is showing the potentials to be realised when we reach judgment, the call for new life.