Card Of The Day – Tarot De Marseille “La Force”

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One of the plays I tried to approach at the beginning of the Tarot Theater was Anton Chekhov’s “The Seagull” through Tarot De Marseille.

Classical plays like that are open to multiple visions of the directors and it’s true we have seen various approaches to Chekhov’s plays, more realistic ones or performances that focus or emphasize on some dreamy imagery. 

What about trying to search more physical or more archetypical physicality of the main characters and their connections. Especially, the scene between mother and son, Arcadian and Treplev, is there not an animalistic element in their relationship? An element that could be searched through the symbolism and the figures of the tarot card of “La Force”? Treplev like a wounded animal tries to express his strong feelings, his insticts and the mother tries to suppress or handle them. While Treplev’s head could be close to Arkadina’s genitalia.

Photo is from the Royal Court Theater production with Kristin Scott Thomas as Arkadina. Play’s version by Christopher Hampton.