Card Of The Day – Russian Theater Tarot “Death”

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To be honest this tarot is from my least favourites but still one can find a storyline, a creative approach. 

The connection surfaced after a dream I had, which closed with the phrase “no strings attached”. 

Let’s dig how the tarot creator is approaching the card with number XIII, Death. One may immediately focus on the mysterious female figure in the center. She is connected with the dark forest. The ravens are waiting on top of the branches of the black leafless tree. But still the woman is calm. Her hair is growing green. A newline is breeding. A new life coming in fruition after the death of old ideologies and dead stereotypes.

And which are these ideologies? Let’s see in the foreground. The puppeteer is guiding his puppets, one being a possible figure of pinocchio, and a pierot.

When we re-start our lives after a relationship with manipulative and toxic person or persons or even relatives, we are feeling like trying to move after cutting our ties. We do feel totally incapable since we were living the life as marionettes. 

But, still we have to move forward. It’s the death of the puppet life, not our real selves. Leave the puppeteer behind. No strings attached. The forest looks dark but your intuition is right and she guides you in a new world that is blooming.