Card Of The Day – Rider Waite Smith Tarot “Two Of Pentacles”

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Our subconscious is not always about darkness, fear, monsters, devil et al. Dreams have vivid colours and funny incidents. Funny and fool archetypes are essential too for our daily communication with inner-self and our everyday conscious activities.

This kind of playfulness (or even foolishness) is quite a central meaning of this card. The ships in the background facing some big waves. Even the shape he is creating has this flunctuating element. But this young clown doesn’t seem to be bothered. He is part of this chaotic world and quite familiar with the infinite possibilities. Pentacles in the tarot represent our assets and and values and the young fool is fully aware of them. He is enjoying the dance of reality. 

Assets whether we inherit or create, are our own. The inherited ones may become burden since they need commitment and responsibility. As concerns the ones we created there may become a phase that we will be devastated in case of loss. 

Enjoy the fact that it’s a daily process to nourish your values, to work and/or play with your tools, your assets. You choose daily, consciously or not, how you handle them. Some days, the best thing you can do is… just dance!!!