Card Of The Day – Forza Visconti Tarot “The Wheel Of Fortune”

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Today’s card comes from the Golden Tarot, the Visconti Forza Tarot reintroduction by Mary Packard. The Wheel Of Fortune.

Regnabo means “I Shall Reign” is written close to the nose or the eyes of the left-hand young figure. This comes as a desire. As an ambitious goal.

Regno means “I Am Reigning” and is written on the scroll that is on the hands of the top young figure. He/she already possess royalty, he or she is already dominant.

Regnavi means “I Have Reigned” and is written at the scroll from the right-hand young figure. He/she looks at it like its gone. Also, we can notice the brown tail or in a way it could be excreta (maybe i would like to see it that way). Now the ambition is gone.

The old man’s scroll reads “Sum Sino Regno” and means “I Am Without Reign”. 

The central figure is an angel that is blindfolded. She doesn’t have any control of what’s to come and where to go. But she is at the center, guarding your unknown fortune. 

What fascinates me with the card of the Wheel of Fortune is that the movement or the support comes from this old man. Otherwise the wheel will collapse or will not move actually.