Card Of The Day – Dali’s Tarot “Ten Of Swords”

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For today’s Tarot I choose Dali’s “Ten Of Swords” card. It’s one of the cards that has been used in the Tarot Theater approach on Sophocles’ Oedipus. This research is included in the first Tarot Theater book to be published in 2023 hopefully.

Swords represent the “weapons of the mind”. It’s so frustrating how modern society or the corporative culture turn these weapons against people. Thus guide them in alienation. It’s in this alienated zone that fear, obsessions and vicious circle are the dominant elements. Thus, individuals are left helpless and devastated, very far from their own fulfillment and individualisation.

In that process the ouroboros archetype is not about reborn or nurture. The snake will eat its own flesh till nothing will remain. Except a rotten head. 

To conclude and return to the card’s meaning and archetypes. Dali has included in the artwork part of the painting by Vincenzo Camuccini “The Death Of Julius Caesar” that represents the event of “Idles Of March”.

What is the actual positive approach to this card? Use your mind weapons not against you but to kill the false gods and the fake ill-minded role models.