Card Of The Day – Dali Tarot “The Emperor”

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Dali Tarot is an amazing deck mixing references from the “Rider Waite Smith” tarot as well as his own originality, intelligence and even collage capabilities.

“The Emperor” was the starting point for my research in Sophocles’ Oedipus archetypes. For the soundtrack of this work, the track titles were taken from the version by author Frank McGuinness (Oedipus was played by Ralph Fiennes). 

The question “Would You Rule A Wrecked Kingdom” from this version has an amazing connection with Dali’s approach. Please observe this card.

You may notice the Emperor in his full status; the red cape, the crown, the scepter. Then you might be noticing the peculiar gesture. What you see in the background? Ruins! The wrecked kingdom!

Consider most of the world’s leaders and politicians. From European Union to the US to Russia and more. Behind the corrupted media imagery, what you may notice are the devastated citizens, the wrecked “kingdoms” that they rule. And you will understand the classic value of Sophocles’s play. 

PS: the first book of Tarot Theater is in the editing process and the artwork preparation. The research on Oedipus is main part of the book.